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Activities Off Site

Design + Pricing

We are happy to personalize your favorite modular design to make it unique to your needs.  With an understanding of your design goals, we can estimate the cost of the factory portion of your project. 

Engineering + Permiting : Factory

Engineered construction plans for the house are created with your first deposit of $4,500.  These are submitted for factory permitting.

Factory Construction

With an approved set of plans and all of your personal finish selections, the factory production is scheduled.  This requires a 25% deposit of your factory costs.

Delivery + Installation

When the house is factory complete, transportation to the site is scheduled.  As it arrives, the set crew will crane the house onto your foundation.  

Activities On Site

Land Selection

You may already own property but if not, consider the design guidelines for that neighborhood, utility needs, and access for large trucks to the land. 

Engineering + Permiting : Local

In addition to factory permits, the project requires a site plan, foundation design, and sometimes renderings for you design review committee.  The factory blueprints are only a portion of your local building permit application. 

Utilities + Foundation

With a building permit in hand, the excavation and foundation work can be completed along with the underground utility work and site grading. 

Stitch Work

After the house sections are craned onto the foundation, a number of local trades will  make connections between the sections to "stitch up" the house.  Exterior site work such as decks and landscaping are the finishing touches.

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